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keeping it simple, making it work!




What should your website deliver? Does it deliver what your customer needs? Your website is the window to your business world - it has to reflect your business values and also deliver value.



You only get one chance to make a first impression - design is paramount to getting your site not only looking right, but working for you!



You need a solid foundation on which to grow - and you need to be flexible to cope with change. KP Web Design sites are built and managed with this is mind.



Rarely does website development end with the launch of your site. Add email marketing campaigns, SEO strategies, reporting or internal intranet systems. KP Web Design offers a one-stop-shop in web solutions.


Most companies need a clean and clear site that isn't slow or cluttered with unimportant detail. The website needs to be easy for customers to find information and contact details for your business. Your website needs to reflect the style or brand of your business. How your site looks PLUS how well your website delivers the information the customer is seeking will determine if the initial contact will be made.

Domains, Hosting & Content Management

KP Web Design can secure and manage your domain name/s and recommend the appropriate hosting package for your website. We can provide an ongoing affordable content management service or provide you with your own internal Content Management System (CMS). This can be provided in your site build or added into an existing website environment. Contact KP Web Design now for more information on this service >>>